Monday, August 25, 2008


I don't like this stupid feeling I get when I look at other people's craft blogs: inadequacy, envy, and the feeling that I can't really afford something like that, in terms of time AND money.

WHICH. MEANS. I am being really silly because I know I'm worth my salt. I'm just too busy to maintain a blog right now PLUS I need to fix my consarned CD drive so I can download my photos PLUS I need to move my old files from my old com AND DO A WHOLE LOT OF STUFF OMG I AM ANN IDIOT.

Ok back to knitting. And hopefully getting my life in order and my head so I can stop the green eyes from growing.

SO. I too will do interesting stuff! I need to break out of this stupid shell, really...

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jyk said...

You are not alone - I too wish knitting wasn't so expensive in Singapore :(

Jia you jia you!