Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Secret Crochet Project

YES! I have been away from this blog for too long. Started with the intention of sharing my own designs (because I get bored very often) I think it'd be a good place to update my adoring public (*cricket noises*) about my knitting endeavours. I think that can now be extended to include crochet, so that should be: CRAFTY endeavours. (: Now, on to the Secret Crochet Project.

I have discovered a new kind of LYS (well, non-conventional anyway, which is a HUGE hint!) which is very exciting to me, though I expect it is possible that others have done the same thing as well...In any case, I am trying out a very basic pattern with crochet, it is nothing special really. What is so special about the project is the yarn used and the whole concept about it, and I am getting more and more excited and pleased with myself at the thought of it! ;p Well, since I am so lazy to update things (except Ravelry) it will take some time for photos and such to find their way here. But that is all I have to say about this project now. I am so happy to have learned a new skill! (:

Other updates: Still working on quite a few things WIP-wise, which are all in my Ravelry projects. Umm. And hoping to improve the layout of this blog to be more interesting and original at least! Yes, definitely. And splurging on yarn. Yarn sales...ooh my head is exploding with all the prospects!

Many apologies to the hobbies that have taken a back seat due to this explosive one which is busy consuming my mind...A nod to: photography (always my baby, don't worry!), writing (ah, expression!) and reading (the Internet will NEVER take your place!), mostly. To be honest I only have time for one hobby right now...I would LOVE to go on photowalks, to spend my days trying to be intellectual and interesting (oh but I don't want to worry about that too much), but reality, life, moods, emotions, all gets in the way, as usual. Darn! Seriously. A girl can never have too much yarn or time. (Or a source of funding for yarn. :D)

Anywho, here's hoping things will get better! And maybe there will be an adoring public one day. ;)

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