Saturday, May 24, 2008

Matcha/ Ichigo

Ichigo and Matcha

An ideal project for using up leftover yarn and toy stuffing, this will make a good toy for babies and small children as there are no small parts.

You will need:
Any soft DK/ worsted/ baby weight yarn (I used Patons FeatherSoft 4 ply)
4 mm needles (or if you wish to use a different yarn, any appropriate size to suit)
Row counter
Stitch markers
Remnant of black yarn for facial features
Darning needle
Washable toy stuffing material (a large handful will do)

Gauge is not too important here, but if you want the specifics, the approximate gauge I used was 2x2 cm = 4 st x 6 rows.

1. CO 20 st
2. Beginning with a K row, st st 9 rows. At the end of the 9th row, CO 5 st with the cable cast-on method.
3. Knit the next row (10th row). At the end of this row, CO 5 st as you did on the 9th row.
4. You should have 30 st now. St st for 24 rows. Cast off 5 st on both sides of the last row, leaving 20 st in the middle.
5. St st 10 rows. Place stitch markers on both ends of the last row (this marks where you sew the side flaps up to).
6. Continue to st st 24 more rows and then cast off.
7. Sew up all seams, leaving a gap through which to stuff the toy.
8. Stuff as desired, and close the seam.
9. Pinch the top left and top right corners into triangles as shown, and sew to form little ears.
10. Using black yarn, embroider the facial features any way you like.

Remember, if you are giving this to a child, secure facial features so they cannot be picked out easily.


Bethany said...

These are way to cute!!

i might make a few :)

Unknown said...

these are super cute! gotta make some for my little ones