Monday, September 10, 2012

Biscuits, Crochet and a Disapproving Dog

Okay, so I'm writing a post to try and motivate myself to be better at tracking what I've made. I'm considering doing 'archival' posts to track the best of the projects I've made in the past (or the worst, it depends!) It also helps that I've recently invested in a point and shoot camera; it's so much easier to download pictures from that than my DSLR, and the file sizes are small.

So I've been working for a while as a psych intern, and it's been roughly two months since I've graduated. The UK (and sweet, sweet online shopping) seems miles away. Instead of iPlayer, Anime Ultima. Instead of a bike, bus 105. And instead of shortbread, a sorry excuse for what should otherwise be an exquisite butter biscuit (I made green tea ones). Hmm. That's what you get with 30 degree weather, I suppose. And another thing: what to do with my luxury yarns when I can't very well wear them in this heat. HMM.

As an alternative, I've picked up embroidery, basing it off a close-up of a 19th century Gujarati coverlet that was featured on a postcard I picked up at the V&A. It's a chain stitch elephant, which is surprisingly pleasant to complete despite the repetitiveness of the stitch. Hopefully I can finish it and turn it into a purse.

I've also returned to crochet and my favourite crochet book so far: Crochet Lace (ISBN 9784529048194).

 The green project is 100% wool, using 2/0 (Japanese size) hook. It's supposed to be a placemat/ doily but the wool makes it rather impractical. (I love these dual head crochet hooks by Clover, value for money and good quality.) I used other sizes as well to do the white doilies (2/0 as well as what I think is a 1mm steel hook) with the same cotton, the out come is quite different! The orange was done with a 4mm hook and DK cotton yarn. I might sew it to the blue silk in the background to make a cushion.

The only downside is poor posture, bad eyes and a bunged up wrist that comes as a result of too much fine work... but I can't help it! I just get into a 'zone' and really want to finish the work. Hmm. Cookie doesn't seem to approve...

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