Saturday, November 17, 2012

More Unicorns...

Check this out! Another Singaporean unicorn:

The person who writes that blog also has a Maltese, there're some adorable pictures of her dog in a Mickey Mouse outfit:

So cute!


The response to Reuben the Pink Fluffy Unicorn has been really positive! Okay, relatively small, but positive all the same.

Also, it's listed on Crochet Pattern Central! How cool is that? (: Thanks guys! I'm sooo chuffed.

(EDIT: Welcome friends from Crochet Pattern Central! Sorry there aren't more patterns :p)

I'd tell you that Reuben is over the moon, but because I gave the original away, I can't show you his happy pose... have a happy Piggy, instead (:

Oops! Piggy was unhappy with this 'naked' picture of him... so here is a new picture of him in all his nice clothes :D And with his best friend, Cow. Piggy is/ was an ongoing project. I made him before I left for uni, and every summer I'd add to his wardrobe. The first time, it was the trousers. Then I got obsessed with ties (he has a small silk necktie - hell to iron). And finally his little vest. The Rambo-ribbon on his head was intended as a bow tie, but since he already had a necktie he decided it would look good elsewhere... Cow is a hot water bottle cover that I received for Christmas.

They get along famously.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Midnight Munchies (ii): FUN WITH YAN YAN

Because life isn't bizarre enough already, I present to you the childhood magic of yan yan...

Lace Collar for Sylvia

Long time no post, but been working on a few things (: Due to the recent crochet binge, a friend at church noticed my lace work and asked for a lace collar. At first, I'd made a straight strip of lace, emulating the style from my Japanese book. I adapted the pattern a little to widen it.

She liked it, but she decided that she'd use it as edging for a blouse, as she preferred a round collar. So I lent her some books, and she asked for any edging from "Knitted Lace of Estonia".

I chose this one, because it looks quite smart and not too fussy, plus the pattern was quite easy to do:

See the progress after the jump!